itc Smart Cultural Tourism Audiovisual Solution

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itc Smart Cultural Tourism Audiovisual Solution leads the night economy and empowers the development of cultural tourism, jointly exploring new creative methods and entertainment experiences for cultural tourism!


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Empower Industry Model

Culture and tourism play a significant role in boosting the market, expanding employment opportunities, and meeting the growing public demand for a better quality of life. Through the integration of digital technology and cultural elements, itc smart cultural tourism revolutionizes the development and operation of tourism products, providing tourists with more personalized, convenient, and high-quality travel experiences.


itc project reference - Changchun Ice and Snow World

itc offers comprehensive planning and design support for cultural tourism projects, achieving deep integration of tourism with culture and technology, offering new ideas for local tourism development, and driving product and business model innovation.

Create High-quality Ecosystem

itc smart tourism audiovisual solution focuses on visitors, optimizing business processes through digitalization, enhancing management efficiency, and the competitiveness of scenic spots.


itc project reference - Hebei Gourd Garden

itc developed personalized integrated solutions targeting key smart cultural and tourism scenes such as theme parks, cultural tourism towns, park attractions, cultural centers, hotels, and big data command centers. It fully leverages digital, networked, and intelligent technological innovations to upgrade traditional tourism formats and innovate product and service delivery.

Drive Development of Cultural Tourism


itc project reference - Shantou Linghui Bay

itc is committed to providing the cultural tourism industry with high-quality products and services. Through comprehensive management platform, voice guidance, immersive sound system, data visualization, and other systems, leverage the application of digital technology in tourist attractions across the entire process, enhancing the quality and efficiency of the cultural tourism industry, and facilitating improvements in tourist experiences.


System Structure

As tourism continues to thrive, the potential of the cultural tourism market is yet to be fully harnessed. itc will continue to explore more new models and methods for the integrated development of cultural tourism, enriching tourism formats, and assisting the high-quality development of the cultural tourism industry.