Prison IP PA System / Two-way Intercom Application

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itc prison ip pa system /two-way intercom application is designed to provide a reliable and secure communication system for correctional facilities. With this system, inmates can listen to authorized radio stations, music, news, and other programming specific to their facility. At the same time, authorized staff members can communicate with inmates using two-way intercoms, allowing for real-time communication that can enhance safety and security. The system can be customized to fit the specific needs and requirements of each facility, providing a cost-effective solution for communication challenges within correctional institutions.


Timing, fixed-point background music playback

The system can set any number of dormitories to play the specified audio program, or IP PA system speeches to any designated dormitory area; play educational background music and legal knowledge, etc.

Remote paging function

When the IP PA system management center has something to do and needs to issue IP PA system announcements to multiple prison buildings, the area to be notified can be selected through the IP PA system control center, and other music or other educational programs in this area will be played normally without notification.

Fire linkage function

The IP PA system is linked with the fire alarm host, and when a fire breaks out, it plays the role of organizing, directing and guiding personnel to evacuate the scene safely.

Help intercom function

When prisoners have riots, fights and other emergencies in prisons, hospitals, production workshops and other areas, they can ask the prison guards on duty for help in time through the explosion-proof terminal.

Seamless integration with security monitoring system

The system provides a complete software dynamic link library, which can realize the monitoring linkage function. When an alarm terminal is pressed for help, the monitoring camera is triggered to transmit the image of the person to the monitoring room, and the on-duty personnel can handle it in time.

Multi-level management

The multi-level management function of the upper and lower levels of the prison, in case of emergency, the upper and lower levels can interact through the IP intercom terminal to achieve effective information communication.