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ITC recording and broadcasting system with multi-function

Through the construction of intelligent recording and broadcasting system, the school can improve the course construction process evaluation, teaching quality supervision and management, school-based high-quality resources construction to achieve "routine and convenient", can easily realize the interactive teaching with other schools, can form synchronous school-based teaching resources to extend students' learning.



* Convenient preview of classroom live in all current classrooms.

* Support fast remote control of recording and broadcasting controller.

* Support access to other campus monitoring network video streams for campus security inspections.

* Monitor screens can be displayed in batches.

* Support multiple display mode layouts, 3, 4, 5, 9, 16 screens and other modes.

System Diagram



* Embedded architecture, fool-style operation, more stable and more convenient, more humanized.

* High-definition audio and video signal acquisition: H.264high profile high-definition video coding technology and AAC high-definition audio Frequency coding technology, the teacher panoramic, teacher features, student panoramic, student features four kinds of screen and one local audio and video signal acquisition.

* Simultaneous recording: 5 high-definition video synchronization recording, you can achieve single-stream or multi-stream recording mode, single stream file can select movie mode / picture in picture mode / picture outside the picture, etc. At the same time, recording with broadcast, live, and stop these four management methods.

* Image tracking: wide dynamic image stabilization technology can be close-up picture of the characters move with a stable follow-up function; accurate automatic tracking function, do not need auxiliary camera to achieve tracking; face recognition + vertical movement, adaptive different grades student.

* Online live, on-demand: Support 50 live video online at the same time, unlimited number of on-demand; the same time full platform support, unlimited geographical control and live view.

* Teacher Teaching Analysis: Analysis of classroom teachers and students activity data, generate vertical and circular diagrams, clearly feedback classroom interaction between teachers and students to help teachers continue providing teaching quality.

* Support automatic recording function: Automatically record according to schedule time after the class table is imported , and automatically produce courseware name; and provide third-party FTP server tools, quickly set up file server, courseware will be automatically pushed to the school server.



Control equipment

and supporting equipment

5-CAM Auto Recording and Broadcasting Controller,

≥4 signals(3 HD SDI + 1 DVI), HD Video:

1920×1080(1080P30), DVI: 1920×1080(1080P60),

Interface: HD SDI / 3G SDI / HDMI / DVI

1 Set
HD Gun Type Camera
3 Pcs
HD Cradle Head Camera
2 Pcs

Education Cloud Platform Server, 300W, 100-240v,

50/60Hz, 1U rack-mounted classis, EMC,

support 4 hot plug hand disk, RAIDO,1/5/10

1 Pcs
Smart Guide Keyboard, 3 axis + 1 key
1 Pcs
Omnidirectional microphone
1 Pcs
Audio processor
1 Pcs
Professional Stereo Amplifier, 2 channel,2×200W@8Ω
1 Pcs

high-End professional speaker, 120W, 8Ω,

3" conical tweeter×2 + 6" woofer ×1

2 Pcs

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